2011, Wed, Nov 16 — 2011, Sun, Nov 27

TV Lounge

TV-Series, D: Karim Ainouz, Brazil 2008, 2 series of 54 min each, English subtitles
Young Alice moves to the big city, to São Paulo. At first, she struggles to come to terms with the strange and somehow menacing environment. She gradually succumbs to the charms of the metropolis but also gets to know its dark sides.

Love According to B. Schianberg
TV-Film, R: Beto Brant, Brazil 2010, 80 min, English subtitles
Eight cameras installed in an apartment follow the everyday life of a couple. The fictitious philosopher Benjamin Schianberg – a character from a novel by Marçal Aquino – analyzes their behavior with off­screen commentary.

Diary of a Crisis
TV-Film, D: Sandra Kogut, Brazil 2010, 48 min, English subtitles
This documentary film accompanies five New Yorkers of different ages and from different social backgrounds, as they try their own different ways to get back on their feet after the global financial crisis.

Carrying with me...
TV-Miniseries, D: Tata Amaral, Brazil 2009, 3 series of 60 min each, English subtitles
The stage manager Telmo Marinicov leads a simple life alongside his young lover. After his return from political exile in the 1980s, he started a successful career as a theater director.