2011, Sat, Nov 12

Babelfish Berlin – Meeting Turkey and the Mid-East

with Chefket (Berlin), Volkan T (Berlin), Malikah (Beirut), Kaveh (Berlin)

Malikah | © Laith Majali / Immortal Entertainment

Malikah | © Laith Majali / Immortal Entertainment

Host: Murat Güngör (Author, Frankfurt/M.)


ChefketThe rapper lives and works in Berlin. His debut album ‘Einerseits Andererseits’ was released.

Murat Güngör studied cultural anthropology, sociology and political science and has worked as a music producer, MC and DJ. He is co-author of the non-fiction book “Fear of a Kanak Planet. Hip Hop zwischen Weltkultur und Nazirap“ (2002).

Born in Iran but raised in Berlin, the musician Kaveh started writing his first Rap lyrics in 1995. He has also been active in youth projects for several years now.

Malikah first hit the Lebanese Hip Hop scene at the age of 16, when she was signed to EMI Arabia after winning a hip hop competition and appearing on the Lebanese television show “Zaven”. Malikah raps in Arabic, English, and French, and has honed her skills as an RnB and dance vocalist over the last 5 years.

Volkan T. lives in Berlin-Kreuzberg and is considered one of the pioneers of Turkish Hip Hop, both in Germany and Turkey. He writes theater pieces, radio plays and organizes open mic sessions and workshops to offer young rappers a launching pad.