2011, Fri, Nov 11

Translating Hip Hop - Academic Workshop

Translating Hip Hop: Workshop in Manila | Foto: Romain Rivierre © Goethe-Institut

Translating Hip Hop: Workshop in Manila | Foto: Romain Rivierre © Goethe-Institut

with: Mark Butler (Berlin): Translations of the Hip Hop Ethos – Playful Techniques of the Self in the Four Disciplines, Gabriele Budach (Southampton) „Connecting across the lines“: Indigener HipHop in Canada, Farbeon (New York), Olad Aden (Berlin): Berlin Bronx Connection, Ursula Wunder (Berlin): Translating Hip Hop-Hairstyles, Host: Fernand Hörner (Freiburg)

Translation always involves an exchange with the unknown. In the cultural sciences, translation processes, in the context of global cultural production, have been a highly topical field of research for several years now. New impulses are provided by the most diverse popular music scenes. The workshop invites Hip Hop researchers to analyze and comment on the project Translating Hip Hop against the background of their own work.


Olad Aden is a dancer and DJ and worked as a mental health therapist in the US. Since 2003, he has initiated several Hip Hop projects in Berlin, such as GangwayBeatz and the BerlinBronxConnection, to create a platform for discussion for young people living in difficult conditions.

Gabriele Budach is a socio-linguist who researches multi-lingualism, minority languages, youth cultures and bilingual child-raising and also examines the role of writing and literary practices in and around schools.

Mark Butler studied cultural sciences and European ethnology at Humboldt University. In addition to his academic work, he also develops various multimedia projects. He is a founding member of the Berlin artists’ network, Memenet.

Farbeon is a New York based musician, but also co founder of Say Word Entertainment, a collective of artists, musicians and promoters who works to maintain and support the development of hip hop culture, community and activism in NYC.

Fernand Hörner is CEO at the French Centre of Universität Freiburg. In his studies Fernand Hörner focuses on discourse analysis, translation theories and practice and popular music.

Ursula Wunder (M.A.) studied North American Studies, Sociology and Cultural Anthropology at the Freie Universität Berlin. For her master’s thesis, entitled “The Symbolism of African American Hairstyles in the Context of Gangsta Rap” she conducted fieldwork in the greater Los Angeles area, including numerous interviews in barber shops and with Hip Hop pioneers of the U.S. West Coast.