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2011, Thu, Nov 10 and 2011, Fri, Nov 11

Translating Hip Hop in Concert

with: Amewu, Diana Avella, Flaco Flow & Melanina, Malikah, Rayess Bek, Nazizi, MC Kah, Moroko, Tondo Tribe, Pyranja, Mad Maxamom, Chefket, Anne Khan, Host: Prinz Pi

During workshops in the cities of Beirut, Bogotá, Manila and Nairobi, rappers translated song lyrics into their own languages. They used these translations as a basis for their own versions, building on the original content and interweaving it with their own experiences and interpretations. The different languages, gestures and individual styles resulted in a series of versions of the same songs. Now, the rappers, along with host Prinz Pi, perform their new songs on stage in two concerts.

Line-up: Amewu (Berlin), Diana Avella (Bogotá), Flaco Flow & Melanina (Bogotá), Malikah (Beirut), Rayess Bek (Beirut), Nazizi (Nairobi), MC Kah (Nairobi), Moroko (Nairobi), Tondo Tribe (Manila), Pyranja (Berlin), Mad Maxamom (Hamburg), Chefket (Berlin), Anne Khan (Berlin)

Host: Prinz Pi

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On both evenings the performance "Seyahat" takes place in the Foyer in between the two concerts.
With: Ritsche Koch - trumpet (Berlin)
Bee - Low - Beatbox Battle TV (Berlin)
Amigo - Dance Unity / Flying Steps (Berlin)
Choreography : Kadir "Amigo" Memis

Followed by Open-Mic-Session