Electro Trade Fair

Show your WORLD your TRONICS

Workshops, Live Acts, DJ Sets, Videos

Sat, Dec 3, 2011
4 pm
Free admission
Noisefoc, © Leaf Audio

The Elektro-Fachmarkt offers a unique opportunity to exchange views and ideas with local and international musicians and producers on the topic of electronic music.


4–8 pm: 8-Bit Workshop
Haeyoung Kim, better known on the 8-Bit scene as Bubblyfish, shows how to turn a Gameboy into a music computer.

The participants need to bring their Gameboys and/or Laptops + headphones with possibly the softwares Nanoloop or LSDJ ROM installed.
You can download it here:
Nanoloop : (click on the DEMO ROM)
LSDJ (Click on Donation button for further instructions on download. Get 3.9.2 full-stable-version)
Emulator: VisualBoyAdvance
Reservations: fachmarkt@hkw.de'); $crypt->output(); ?>

4–8 pm: Synthesizer Workshop
The experts from Leaf Audio demonstrate how to build a synthesizer or special effects device in a shoe box or lunch box in next to no time and without any previous technical experience. Reservations: www.leaf-audio.com

4–6 pm: Digital Music Production Workshop
The Berlin label “Brothers in Music” demonstrates a creative approach to using professional production software and software synthesizers for compositions and arrangements, especially for live performances. No previous knowledge required.No reservations required. More infos www.brothers-in-music.de

4–8 pm: EMS Presentation
The teachers Eltron and Dole&Kom of the Electronic Music School EMS put on a practical presentation of what’s on offer at their recently founded Berlin branch. www.em-school.com

Live Acts & DJ Sets

4 pm: Strobocop
Strobocop aka Thorsten Lütz is based in Berlin where he runs two labels: Karaoke Kalk and Kalk Pets. The scope of his DJ-sets include House, Techno and Electronics. While arranging his music, he sometimes travels back in time and completes his sets with what music he finds.

4:45 pm: Aldubb
Alldubb is well know in the Dub scene as producer, live artist and remixer. He's running the planet-earth-studio in Berlin.

5:30 pm: Dj Dewalta
De Walta aka David Koch enjoyed a classical music education and studied Jazz at a music academy before dedicating himself to studio productions and electronic music. His live-sets are internationally known.

6 pm: Giegling Gruppenschau
Gliegling used to be a student disco in the German city of Weimar. Now it has grown to a record label with the principle of laissez-faire. The artist’s musical visions run free and they present their experimental drafts on the electro trade fair. See: Video

6:45 pm: Khan
Can “Khan” Oral works and lives as a music- and film-music producer, performer, actor and visual artist in Berlin since 2002. He hosts a monthly party at the Berlin techno shrine Berghain and tours internationally with various artists and bands. He is currently working on an opera piece with Stereo Total and a theatre production for Hau 3.

7:15 pm: Global Unit Live-Sessions
Each Global Unit Session is a live composed audio/video session with local and international artists and organizations, who never played in that collaboration before, streamed live in the internet and recorded and released on bandcamp afterwards. This creates a live recording atmosphere where artists are listening carefully to each other to create something together instead of showing off their solo skills.

5-6 pm: Jan Jelinek & Andrew Pekler: Ursula Bogner: Sonne = Blackbox

Can "Khan" Oral, 42min. 2011. All mixed audio material are taken from various cruising internet sites without any further processing. Written and produced by: Can "Khan" Oral for I'm Single Records 2011. Footage by Philipp Virus, all rights (p)reserved. I'm Single 2011.

Video Roll
Screening of nonstop music clips

Labels + Lifestyle
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