They call it Skweee!!!

With: Patrick Pulsinger + Band, Mesak, Claws Costeau, Pavan aka Limoneous, Easy + Center of the Universe, Ya Tosiba aka DJ Zuzu, Karl Marx Stadt, Dabrye, Gebrüder Teichmann, Visuals: Ville Hyvönen

Wed, Nov 30, 2011
8 pm
Admission: 10 €/8 €
Mesak & Pavan, © Birk Nygaard

Compiled by Gebrüder Teichmann

A slow-motion-like, stumbling funk spreads around the world from Scandinavia: Skweee squeezes out interesting new sounds from old, analog synthesizers. The festival opens with concerts and a Skweee All-star Battle of the labels Harmönia and Flogsta Danshall from Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo.

Gebrüder Teichmann
Andi and Hannes Teichmann open the festival with a DJ set that promises a broad introduction to the Skweee genre. These connoisseurs of the international electronic scene traveled to places such as Algeria, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan on behalf of the Goethe-Institut. At Worldtronics10, they were part of the Berlin-Nairobi project, which recently published the a CD (BLNRB: “Welcome To The Madhouse”). Their latest album “They Made Us Do It”, released in early November, also features its fair share of Skweee influences.

Tatu Metsätähti from Finland and his label Harmönia is a founding father and leading light of the Skweee scene. He has a solid background in music production with bands like Mr Velcro Fastener, Star You Star Me and Gadgets. At the moment Mesak is working and living in Berlin.

Pavan aka Limonious
The Swede Frans Carlqvist runs the label Flogsta Danshall in Stockholm. He also produces radio programs and podcasts and works as a DJ. He’s performing in Berlin under his live Skweee stage identity Pavan aka Limonious.

Patrick Pulsinger + Band
Patrick Pulsinger does pioneering work on live adaptations of modern electronic club music with complex musical experiments in the fields of Jazz and Funk. The operator of Cheap Records and producer of Hercules and Love Affair has now become one of Austria’s first Skweee-Jays.

Claws Costeau
Claws Costeau from Turku produces soundscapes and instrumentals and raps with the band Ronskibiitti. With his preference for Punk, Hip-Hop and Hardcore, he stands for a darker, more ominous style of Skweee.

Easy & Center of the Universe
Easy & Center of the Universe from Norway add a certain oriental flavor to the Skweee repertoire. When performing live, the trio backs up electronic instruments with drums and saz.

Ya Tosiba aka DJ Zuzu
DJ Zuzu from Baku in Azerbaijan is a linguist and ethnomusicologist. In Norway, she quickly became an important member of the nascent Skweee movement. She performs live under her stage name Ya Tosiba, singing Azerbaijani lyrics to Skweee grooves.

Under his stage name Dabrye, the American Tadd Mullinix has long been working on an abstract, instrumental Hip-Hop blueprint full of electronic elements. There is no mistaking the musical parallels with Skweee.

Ville Hyvönen
The video artist and VJ works for international theater productions and musicians and also runs the Pixelache Festival for electronic art and subcultures in Helsinki.

Karl Marx Stadt
The Berlin-based Karl Marx Stadt Dubstep uses keyboards and children’s toys to go against the grain – but without compromising his dancability. Instead of hectic, excited tunes, he creates almost dulcet tones and epic soundscapes.

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