2011, Sun, Nov 20 and 2011, Thu, Nov 24


D: Cadu Barcellos, Rodrigo Felha, Wagner Novais, Luciano Vidigal

20.11. in the presence of the directors.

Brazil 2010, 96 min, English subtitles

The establishment of the “Unidade de Polícia Pacificadora“ (which translates roughly as “Police Unit with a Mandate to Pacify”), or UPP for short, was the first step towards consolidating a new security policy in the federal state of Rio de Janeiro. The declared aim is to occupy territories in the favelas controlled by the drug Mafia and thus to liberate the inhabitants. The immediate success of this measure triggered debate throughout the country. “5x UPP“ combines five short documentaries by four young directors about the work of the police unit. each sides has its say in “Bandidos“ by Luciano Vidigal, “Moradores“ by Cadu Barcellos, “Polícia“ by Rodrigo Felha and “Asfalto“ by Wagner Novais: police officers and soldiers of the UPP and other proponents of tough action in the favelas, along with drug dealers and residents of the slums.

Wagner Novais studied Film at the Universidade Estácio de Sá.

Rodrigo Felha coordinates courses in audio-visual communication at the NRO Central Única das Favelas.

Luciano Vidigal has acted in numerous films, including “Cidade dos Homens“ and “É Proibido Fumar“ and is also active as a writer.

Cadu Barcellos has already directed two short films.