2011, Sun, Nov 20 and 2011, Sat, Nov 26

Craft (Riscado)

D: Gustavo Pizzi

20.11. in the presence of director Gustavo Pizzi.

Brazil 2010, 85 min, English subtitles

Bianca is a theater actress – and she’s got talent. But she has to make a living from various odd jobs, including one as a promotion girl, for which she has to dress up in bizarre costumes. At last, an audition for an international film production rehearsal promises the breakthrough for her career. “Riscado“ examines the daily struggle for recognition in the rat race, but also inquires about the role of lucky coincidences in life. Karine Teles was awarded the prize for best actress at the Festival do Rio 2010.

Gustavo Pizzi (* 1977 in Rio de Janeiro) has been working as a director, producer, video editor and writer for ten years now. He studied Film at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFF). Following a series of award-winning short films, his first feature, “Pretérito Perfeito“, came out in 2006. “Riscado“ is his second feature film.