2011, Sat, Nov 19 and 2011, Sun, Nov 27

Passerby (Transeunte)

D: Eryk Rocha

19.11. in the presence of director Eryk Rocha.

Brazil 2010, 100 min, English subtitles

This poetic essay, a cross between fiction and documentary, follows the 65-year-old Expedito on his daily wanderings through the anonymous masses in the inner city of Rio de Janeiro. He encounters the desires, dreams, fears and worries of other people in the panopticon of strange faces, mainly those of women. He absorbs and mixes these dramas with those of his own life, for he himself has neither family nor friends. The urbane landscape of the Brazilian mega-city is the ideal backdrop for director Eryk Rocha’s sensuous images and intense sound tapestries

Eryk Rocha (*1978 in Brasília) has lived in various countries in Latin America. He studied film in Cuba, where he made his internationally successful documentary “Rocha que Voa“ in 2002. In 2008, he completed “Pachamama“. “Transeunte“ is Rocha’s debut feature film and already won several awards at the Brasília Film Festival.