2011, Sat, Nov 19 and 2011, Fri, Nov 25

Diary, Letters, Revolutions (Diário de uma Busca)

D: Flávia Castro

19.11. in the presence of director Flávia Castro.

Brazil/France 2010, 108 min, English subtitles

The political struggle of the Brazilian activist Celso Afonso Gay de Castro forced him and his family into exile in the 1960s. In this film, his daughter follows her father’s footsteps on a highly personal journey through Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela and France. This cartographic blueprint of her own family also traces the life of a traumatized leftist generation of the 1960s and 70s in Latin America. “Diário de uma Busca“ was awarded the prize for best documentary film at the Festival do Rio 2010.

Flávia Castro (*1965 in Porto Alegre) worked as director’s assistant for Richard Dindo and Philippe Grandrieux and as a screenplay writer in France and Brazil. Her first short film “Cada um com Seu Cada Qual“ appeared in 2006. “Diário de uma Busca” is her debut feature film.