Book presentation “Meridian | Urban. Curatorial Projects on Health”

Fri, Sep 16, 2011
6 pm
Catalogue “Meridian I Urban. Curatorial Projects on Health”

The curators and artists will be present.

The catalogue:

Meridian | Urban

Curatorial Projects on Health

Published by Revolver Publishing 2011

Book design: Vanessa Enriquez and Jaroslav Toussaint

48 pages, 16 colour photos, DVD

165 x 240 mm, softcover


ISBN 978-3-86895-179-0

Euro 18,-

Meridian | Urban. Curatorial Projects on Health presents five projects by international up-and-coming curators on the subject of “Health.” The projects artistically map the urban space of Berlin, using health-related motifs and identifying relationships between health and the lives of their visitors: they offer opportunities for alternative participation and identification. At various locations in Berlin, which can be regarded as especially interesting, conflict-ridden or significant for a healthy, urban life, they bring to light social, historical and cultural peculiarities.

In a cross between physical exercise and aesthetic examination, the five projects that make up Meridian | Urban invite us to reconsider our understanding of health.

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