2011, Sat, Oct 22

Geschwister | Kardeşler

D: Thomas Arslan

Geschwister – Kardeşler

Geschwister – Kardeşler

Germany 1997, 82 min., German and Turkish with German subtitles

The asphalt jungle – a hand-held camera follows Erol, Ahmed and Leyla on their relentless patrols through their Kreuzberg neighborhood. Soon, Erol will have to travel to Turkey to do his national service, for which he has applied voluntarily. He is constantly arguing with the well-educated Ahmed, who has absolutely no interest in the traditions and heritage of his Turkish father. Their sister, meantime, just wants to live her own life. The first film from the perspective of German-Turkish youths: bitter-sweet and overwhelmingly everyday.

Discussion with director Thomas Arslan and lead actor Tamer Yiğit (German-language)