2011, Fri, Oct 21

Almanya Acı Vatan

D: Şerif Gören

Almanya Acı Vatan | Deutschland, bittere Heimat

Almanya Acı Vatan | Deutschland, bittere Heimat

Germany/Turkey 1979, 90 min., Turkish with German subtitles

On her summer holidays in Turkey, Güldane, a young, confident “guest worker”, gets to know Mahmut, who offers her a lot of money for a fictitious marriage. She accepts, and doesn’t want anything to do with him back in Germany until she seeks his protection from harassment by another man. But their rapprochement is to have disastrous results. “Deutschland, bittere Heimat“ is the title of a folk song that emerged in the 1960s and was to become a standard saying among an entire generation of Turkish immigrants.