2011, Thu, Oct 20

Opening – Almanya hier, Almanya da

Turkish-German Films and Stories

Fatih Çevikkollu

Fatih Çevikkollu

"What do we Germans actually know about us Turkish?", asks comedian Fatih Çevikkollu and gives his very own view of things with out-takes from his stand-up routines at the opening of the Turkish German film festival.

After a performance of The Chor der Kulturen der Welt (Choirs of World Cultures), the film "Der in der Fremde lebende Şaban"( Gurbetçi Şaban) will be shown: wearing a Tyrolean hat, the hero of the popular Şaban series sets out to conquer Germany. After that, DJ Gökhan takes to the turntables.

Fatih Çevikkollu sees integration as the stuff of cabaret, he even calls himself "Der Integrator". The actor, born in Cologne in 1972, was the first ever ethnic Turk in his home town to hold the office of Büttenredner at the carnival in 2008/2009. This stand-up comedian, who trained at Berlin’s Ernst Busch-Hochschule, whose routines have titles such "Fatih unser", "Moslem TÜV" or "Yapma degil, Avrupa", builds hilarious bridges between his two sets of roots: German and Turkish. He also plays Murat in the TV comedy show, "Alles Atze".

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