Meridian | Urban – Opening

Curatorial Projects on Health

Tue, Sep 6, 2011
3 pm
Free admission
Meridian | Urban

In traditional Asian medicine, the meridian system describes an invisible network that provides the body with vital energy. In geography, meridians are imaginary lines that map the earth’s surface.

For Meridian | Urban, up-and-coming curators were invited to submit their ideas concerning the contemporary relationship between art and science on the subject of health. The starting points were Berlin’s spatial and energetic connections. From a totalof 42 submissions from 29 countries, an international Jury selected five works for exhibition in public spaces around the city.


15 h Metrotopie, Dircksenstr./Alexanderplatz

ab 15 h InnerScapes, Spreebord, Nähe Caprivibrücke

16 h An Elixir Realigning, OSZ Banken und Versicherungen

17 h Berlin Laughter Project, Hauptbahnhof, Washingtonplatz

18.30 h Invisible Twinning, Haus der Kulturen der Welt

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