2011, Sun, Aug 21

zeitkratzer UNPLUGGED

zeitkratzer | © Promo

zeitkratzer | © Promo

Since its formation in 1997, zeitkratzer has played on amplified instruments. But what happens if the electricity is turned off or if the energy wasted on large concert stages, which is hardly ever talked about, comes to an end? zeitkratzer asks this question as part of the Festival.

And zeitkratzer will still be "amplified": with volunteers, city residents, students of wind and string instruments, colleagues, the audience. What would happen to the Japanese noise music from MerzBow and Zbigniew Karkowski, to Reinhold Friedl's Xenakis[a]live! or Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music if these orgiastic sound pieces were not electrically amplified but acoustically multiplied when played? Together with laypeople who just sing, yell, hiss and whistle… everyone who wants to be part of and help shape the experience are warmly invited to attend rehearsals. The musicians from zeitkratzer will explain how to hiss and rustle on a wind instrument, how to effectively groan or crackle on a string instrument or how to make a tam tam screech.

The performance will be recorded and released on zeitkratzer RECORDS. The acoustic company RME will provide zeitkratzer with special recording equipment for this purpose, making it possible to deal with the acoustic resources sustainably.



Directed by Reinhold Friedl

Frank Gratkowski [Cologne] Clarinet

Hild Sofie Tafjord [Oslo] Horn

Hilary Jeffery [Amsterdam] Trombone

Reinhold Friedl [Berlin] Piano

Maurice de Martin [Berne] Percussion

Marc Weiser [Berlin] Guitar

Burkhard Schlothauer [Jena] Violin

Anton Lukoszevieze [London] Violoncello

Ulrich Phillipp [Wiesbaden] Contra Bass

Martin Wurmnest [Berlin] Sound recording

Andreas Harder [Berlin] Light design