2011, Sat, Aug 20


„Da mach ick mit!“



Saturday is devoted to Berlin and its inhabitants under the motto "Da mach ick mit", a Berliner's way of saying "I want to get involved". Berlin politicians will discuss current political issues in the HKW like a CO2-free climate capital, changing energy policy and many more.

The festival will be held throughout the city of Berlin where the 14 ÜBER LEBENSKUNST.Initiatives that have received support since 2010 – following a worldwide call for future – will be on display.

Students at the Center for Metropolitan Studies at the Berlin Technical University will take people on excursions to show them sustainable Berlin. The tours reveal the usually invisible paths that our waste travels, they go to places of reflection and contemplation and let mobility be experienced in a whole new way.

Full program on www.ueber-lebenskunst.org...