2011, Thu, Aug 18

Mocky’s “Post-Everything Stage”

With Peaches (DJ Set), Bonaparte presents the Look-at-what-we-found-in-your-backyard-4tet, Onyx Ashanti, Joel Gibb

The question behind the "Post-Alles Stage" created for ÜBER LEBENSKUNST by the Canadian musician and producer is: How could the music festivals of the future be organised to do away with all the environmentally damaging luxury that musicians normally rely on for their performances and travels?

In a kind of "Mad Max" environment designed by the legendary Berlin designer, Desiree Klein, Joel Gibb, singer of the Canadian Hidden Cameras, will sing a solo set while ONYX will perform Ashanti with self-crafted "body triggers" and a helmet. Exclusively for this evening, Bonaparte will present the "Look-at-what-we-found-in-your-backyard-4tet" which brings its equipment together in and around the HKW. Peaches with a DJ-Set…