2011, Sat, Jun 18

Ming + May Wong: Biji Diva - Live Performance | Daniel Kok & Eisa Jocson: Love Your City | Party

Ming Wong | Foto: Ming Wong

Ming Wong | Foto: Ming Wong

00:00 h
Ming + May Wong
Biji Diva - Live Performance
Ming and May Wong invite you to a gala show in which the young Bülent and the older Diva meet live on stage. Ming Wong steals the heels of the Turkish singing diva: Bülent Ersoy. Joined by his mother May Wong and a live band, “Bülent Wongsoy” belts out stories of a life from man to woman, vamp to tramp, from sensation to indignation.

00:30 h
Daniel Kok & Eisa Jocson
Love Your City
(A Pole Dance Encounter in Berlin - Commissioned work for IN TRANSIT)
Will they just do it? Two pole mavericks getting down to their destiny act. The countdown tease starts. “I will do it. Will you?”
An artistic collaboration in the service of love. In their first artistic encounter, Eisa Jocson, pole dancer from Manila, and choreographer Daniel Kok, become agents of desire: “If anyone asks us: ‘Why do you do this?’, our answer is: we simply want to portray our love in a practical manner. That is all – simple acts of unconditional devotion.”

01:00 h
DJ Obstsalat, KJ Monk / Monster Ronson's, Karaoke, Pole dance for everybody
Tatiana Saphir AKA DJ Obstsalat is coming to the IN TRANSIT party and bringing along an electronic mix of electro-pop sounds: digital Cumbia with South African Kwaito, a shot of Balkan Beats and a pinch of globally-sourced Techno House. The basic policy is clear: no hits – apart from the odd exception – a few classics from the 1980s should put a smile on Song-Ming Ang’s face. The audience can get involved in Karaoke with KJ Monk/Monster Ronson’s, while the more adventurous can try their hand at pole dancing.

As part of the Passage Through the Night