2011, Sat, Jun 18

Yann Marussich (Geneva)


Yann Marussich | Traversée | © Isabelle Meister

Yann Marussich | Traversée | © Isabelle Meister

Immobility is the chosen topic of the Swiss performance artist Yann Marussich. Following in the tradition of “Bleu provisoire” (2001), in his latest work he again gives up all power to decide anything.

Naked apart from a metal noose around his neck, the artist lies prostrate on a lengthy construction. The noose is attached to a machine. By turning a crank handle at one end of the machine, spectators can slowly force his body towards the machine. The artist assigns the spectators the active role and is completely at their mercy. They are involved in events as soon as they enter the room. Their activity or inactivity, their responsibility and morals, determine the direction of the performance and how it comes to an end.

As part of the Passage Through the Night