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2011, Sat, Jun 18

Dragana Bulut / Eduard Gabia / Maria Baroncea (Berlin/Belgrad/Bukarest)


E.I.O. | © Ion Macarie

E.I.O. | © Ion Macarie

“E.I.O. is one hour society. E.I.O. is a utopian fiction of practical solutions.”

E.I.O. investigates the creation of value and its distribution in the arts in a performance that is co-created each time by its potential audience .Visitors decide for themselves what admission fee they wish to pay, and then whether they want to be observer or worker. Those who choose the latter will be provided with everything they need for their realization. Yet there is one requirement: to be practical. And practicability is rewarded, as those deemed the best workers get to keep the evening’s box office takings. The initiators of this project were awarded the “Prix Jardin d’Europe 2010”, the European dance prize for young choreographers, for their ability to “redefine the concept of work in art and real life with minimal resources and great imagination.”

As part of the Passage Through the Night