Dance Performance

Dave St-Pierre (Montreal)


Fri, Jun 17, 2011
10.30 pm
Admission: 10 €/8 €

In English

Dave St. Pierre, Libido, Foto: Anna van Kooij

Libido is the latest work by Dave St-Pierre. While this controversial artist once demanded “Un peu de tendresse, bordel de merde!” (“A bit of tenderness, damn it!”), the title of this performance suggests that it will go to new extremes.

The protagonist, armed to the teeth with knives and covered in blood, sits astride her stage partner. Consumed by lust, she begins to hack away at the naked man. The two of them struggle with yet desire one another at the same time. Violence and sex are the central elements of this performance, in which the Canadian choreographer assumes the role of puppeteer. Voyeurism itself becomes the topic, as St. Pierre addresses the provocative and problematic aspects of his performance during the performance itself, in front of and in collaboration with the audience.

Libido is a co-production of Dance Works Rotterdam/André Gingras, Dave St-Pierre and Stichting Gingras.