Anna Altschuk (1955-2008): Floating into Position. Poetry

With Michail Ryklin (Russia)

Sun, Sep 19, 2010
4.30 pm
Admission: 6 €, concessions 5 €, school students 4 €

Anna Altschuk described her poetry thus: "I would compare a poem to a living organism, in that all the functions are interdependent on one another." The video artist, photographer and poet was born on the Russian island of Sakhalin in 1955. She worked in the Russian Avant-garde tradition, breaking down words and sentences in order to free their meaning before putting the pieces back to form sparkling, highly complex, airy images. In 2007 Anna Altschuk left Moscow with her husband Mikhail Ryklin Moscow and moved to Berlin, where she died in 2008. Mikhail Ryklin will present her poetry collection "Schwebe zu Stand" (tr: Floating into Position)

Focus Eastern Europe I Memory, speak

PRESENTER: Katharina Raabe SPRECHERIN: Gabriele Leiphold