Cut + Poet of Linge Homeland + Singapore GaGa

Directors: Royston Tan + Aryo Danusiri + Tan Pin Pin

Thu, Nov 17, 2005
8 pm
Admission: 5 €, concessions 3 €
Tan Pin Pin , Singapore GaGa, Copyright: Tan Pin Pin

Singapore 2004, 13 min, English OV +

Indonesia 2000, 24 min, English subtitles +

Singapore 2005, 55 min, English subtitles

Cut: Cut is an uproarious critique of Singapore's repressive censorship system. It starts with a fictional woman from the censorship board being spotted in a supermarket by a stranger, who then reels off all the cuts that have been made to recent releases.

Poet of Linge Homeland: This film celebrates the life and work of master Indonesian poet Ibrahim Kadir, a pioneer in Didong poetry. Kadir’s poetry serves as the main form of dramatic action in this short feature film. Coinciding with the film’s making Didong poetry had been censored and its production and recital banned for over eight months.

Singapore GaGa: A whimsical portrait of Singapore through the music and sounds that emanate from it. They range from train announcements, (“Eating or drinking is not allowed on the stations and trains”) to Arabic school cheers and a performance by Singaporean avant garde toy pianist Margaret Leng Tan amongst many others.

Within the framework of the Asia-Pacific Weeks, which are supported by the Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin (DKLB).