2010, Sat, Aug 07

Mohamed Mounir (Egypt)


Mohamed Mounir | © Promo

Mohamed Mounir | © Promo

Sufi-pop with charisma

With his charisma, sensitive vocals, his non-stop dialogue with the audience, Mohamed Mounir is a mix between rock star and oriental chanson. He is as popular at weddings as he is among critical intellectuals in Egypt and Europe.

His blend of traditional Nubian music of his homeland Aswan and reggae, funk and pop is simply irresistible. He makes music for passionate dancing, but with a message. After 9 / 11, he drew a connection to Sufi music to demonstrate: Islam is not violent, rather it is mystical and tolerant. His brilliant performance at the HKW the day the U.S. invaded Iraq was intoxicating and unforgettable. Mounir is the most complex and charismatic star in Egyptian pop heaven.