2010, Sat, Jul 31

Margem (Margim) + Terras (Lands)



From "Margem" | © Promo

D: Maya Da-Rin, Brazil 2007, 54 min, English subtitles
D: Maya Da-Rin, Brazil 2009, 75 min, English subtitles

Every day hundreds of transport ships loaded with people, animals and goods travel the Amazon in the border region between Brazil, Colombia and Peru. Maya Da-Rin, one of the strongest new voices in Brazilian documentary filmmaking, has accompanied one of these ships on its way to the provincial capital of Iquitos, Peru for the film "Margem". The trip takes two days and three nights through this remote area in the Amazon, which also was the location and subject of her first full-length feature film "Terra". Both films portray characters from different nationalities and cultures and documents those fragile moments when the modern era penetrates the natural habitats.