Fiction vs documentary

Sat, Jul 3, 2010
4 pm
Free admission
© Johanna Domke

Johanna DOMKE redirects an old Danish school tradition in which, once a year, the students burn their professors’ effigy in the woods. What seemed to be fiction at first becomes more and more like the documentation of an old ritual. Charlotte GINSBORG shows testimonies of a truck driver and a singer, filmed in their own environments. Their paths cross in reality when the singer has an accident, which leads the story in an uncertain fictitious direction. Tobias Yves ZINTEL and Sebastian WEBER film teenagers in a professional high school, their dreams contradicting imposed social constraints. Reality then shifts when they appear one after the other in the situation and environment that is dearest to them. Tsai MING LIANG offers an open interpretation of Madame Butterfly where a woman abandoned by her lover wanders in the unrest of the bus station in Kuala Lumpur.