2010, Fri, Jul 02

The trial of Oscar Wilde

© Christian Merlhiot

© Christian Merlhiot

Rä DI MARTINO: August 2008 | Video | hdv | color and b&w | 05:00 | Italy/Belgium 2009
Francisco RUIZ DE INFANTE: BlueSky (qué sera sera) | Video | dv | color + b&w | 06:00 | Spain/France 2009
Christian MERLHIOT: Le procès d'Oscar Wilde | exp. fiction | dv | color | 1:08:00 | France/Lebanon 2009

Rä DI MARTINO films two actors singing the news headlines in what seems to be a live-painting. Francisco RUIZ DE INFANTE shows a snake being guided by a hand through various spaces. Live and let live.

THE TRIAL OF OSCAR WILDE: In the garden of a villa facing the Mediterranean Sea, a man works on the Arabic translation of Oscar Wilde’s trial. Under the light of a summer night and throughout the following nights, the various protagonists of the trial come to see him. He plays each role, one after another and puts the aesthetic and political stakes of that struggle back into play. This verbal battle then appears as the last opus - precious and ferocious - of the English dandy.