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2010, Wed, Jun 02

Berlin Documentary Forum 1: Opening

New practices across disciplines

6.30 pm


7 pm

The Inhabitants of Images

Performance by Rabih Mroué

8.30 pm

Rules of Evidence

Reading and Talk between Okwui Enwezor, Ecke Bonk, Tony Cokes, Walid Sadek, Juan Maidagan, and Dolores Zinny

10 pm

Missing Image | Screening

“Djibouti oder Die Gewehre sind nicht geladen – nur nachts”

D: M. Mrakitsch, GER 1975, 53 min, SEN

“Djibouti, Wiederbegegnung mit einer Erfindung 1973/1991”

D: M. Mrakitsch, GER 1991, 60 min, SEN

Introduction by Florian Schneider