2010, Sat, Apr 17

Film Colloquium 2: The Society

Fight Club I Les maîtres fous

Fight Club | © Fox 2000 Pictures

Fight Club | © Fox 2000 Pictures

Introduction: Georg Seeßlen and Olaf Möller, film scholar and journalist

11:00 h

Fight Club

D: David Fincher, USA 1999, 120 min., German version

With Mit Brad Pitt and Edward Norton

Frustration over their standardized life turns a group of men into sadomasochists for whom only the merciless, bare-fisted fight brings the feeling of being alive. The club’s numbers continually grow, feeding the grand fantasy at work under the surface: the nascence of terrorism.

13:30 h

Les maîtres fous (The Mad Masters)

D: Jean Rouch, France 1954, 35 min., with live German narration

The god of thunder and wrath possesses the dancers of the West African Hauka sect during their trance ceremonies. Through violent rejection and simultaneous imitation of their colonial rulers, the humiliated local inhabitants can cleanse themselves of their anger. Jean Rouch filmed the annual ritual.

Guardini Foundation in cooperation with the Haus der Kulturen der Welt

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