Electronic Trade Fair

Live acts, workshops and meeting place

Sat, Nov 28, 2009
4 pm
Free admission
Electronic Trade Fair 2008, Foto: Jochen Wehrmann

For testing, looking, listening and doing it yourself, everything’s free and in one location.

With presentations by Markus Detmer (Staubgold), Sneak Thief (das drehmoment), Adi Gelbart and Moritz Wolpert. Especially for musicians and DJs: a unique workshop with the electronica- Master Bjorn Svin from the exclusive DIEM, Danish Institute of Electronic Music. Brothers in Music teach beginners the fundamentals of electronic music production. The Fraunhofer Institut and Piranha Musik & IT will present their research on intelligent music search software. And that includes mp3-to-go: bring your USB stick or smart phone to collect promo tracks, demos and DJ sets.

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With BerlinLoopBrasil | Beaming Productions | breiPott | Brothers in Music | Chris Keller Soundboxen | das drehmoment | Defekt Records | Eastblok Music | Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT | Irieland | JungleX | Klangwirkstoff | Kreuztanbul / x-tract-production | Mufin Music Finder | MG.Art | Monika-Enterprise | One Drop | Piranha Musik & IT | Polen Records | Quecksilber | Staubgold | Soundcloud | Subcurrent | Tracks & Fields | Tricky Tunes | ZZK Records


Attendance free, please register: braeuer@hkw.de'); $crypt->output(); ?>

16.30 h
Brothers in Music
In a trial session, Henri from Brothers in Music will explain the basics of electronic music production. What can Ableton Live, Sequencer, Midi do? How does sound synthesis work? No previous knowledge is necessary. Brothers in Music Website ...

17.30 h
Introduction to new software technology for automated recommendations and online marketing. With Bettina Schasse de Araujo, Piranha Musik & IT and Holger Grossmann, Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology. GlobalMusic2one website ...

18.30 h
Aarhus E presents DIEM:
The acclaimed Danish techno pioneer, DJ and performer Björn Svin gives talks about his work at the exclusive DIEM, Danish Institute of Electronic Music. Website of DIEM ...


16.00 h und 17.30 h
Moritz Wolpert
Mo Wolpert + Christian Günther (Berliner Ring) present: The "Heckeshorn", the "Schaltzentrale", the "Monokord", the "Strechomat" and more. Special guest: Al Chem (Berliner Ring) Mo Wolpert's website... Mo Wolpert on MySpace... Berliner Ring on MySpace...

16.30 h
Markus Detmer (Staubgold)
Staubgold is the label behind exquisite releases such as: To Rococo Rot, Ekkehard Ehlers, Greenland Orchestra and FS Blumm. The founder of the label, Markus Detmer reaches deep inside his record chest for Worldtronics.

17.00 h
Adi Gelbart (Defekt Records)
He began in Tel Aviv; in Berlin he takes his retro-electronics to a whole new level. Adi Gelbart returns to Worldtronics for a third time. Audio, video, discography on Adi Gelbart's website... Adi Gelbart on MySpace...

18.00 h
Sneak Thief (das drehmoment)
Sneak Thief’s-electro-funk, techno and disco is created exclusively from synthesizers: "No vinyl, no cd's, and no laptops: this is the real deal!" Website Sneak Thief ...