2009, Fri, Jun 12 — 2009, Sun, Jun 21

Adrian Piper, USA/Germany

Everything # 5.2 (2004)

Layers of time, of materials, of mediation: "Everything will be taken away." A plexiglass window bears this inscription, behind it a brick door seems to open. The "Everything series evolved from my need to cope with the loss of my illusions about the United States," said Piper. "Since I’ve been living in Berlin, the meaning of the work changed ... I perceive a population characterized by the removal of barriers and how it has constituted itself anew: the fall of the Berlin Wall; the slow dissolution of a facade of normality ..."

The artist and philosopher Adrian Piper is one of the most famous contemporary conceptual artists. The "Everything Will Be Taken Away" series is a long term project in which she inscribes this sentence into a variety of contexts. "Everything # 5.2" was created in 2004, but is now being shown publicly in Berlin for the first time.

Adrian Piper will screen her film "Shiva Dances with the Art Institute of Chicago." in the IN TRANSIT Lecture series on Sat 13.6. 17 h