Hugh Masekela & Band

LIFELINES # 1 Hugh Masekela

Sat, May 16, 2009
8 pm
Admission: 13 €, concessions 10 €
Hugh Masekela, Foto: Semopa Entertainment

Stations of a more than 50-year career: In the 1950s, he played with Dollar Brand and Miriam Makeba, while exiled in New York, Masekela studied alongside Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter and Chick Corea. In 1968, he hit the US top ten charts with the Mbaqanga-instrumental "Grazin 'in the Grass." Just as the music style called Mbaqanga connects Zulu traditions with soul, jazz and pop influences, Masekela oscillates between genres and continents: playing on the one hand with musicians from the USA such as the Crusaders, and on the other, founding a band with musicians from Ghana, he can be heard playing music on albums by the Byrds and Bob Marley that ranges between avant-garde jazz, Afro-pop and funk—and organized in 1975, the legendary concert for the legendary "Rumble in the Jungle" boxing match Muhammad Ali vs. George Forman in Kinshasa. He landed a dance floor hit "Don` t Go Lose it Baby" and performed in Paul Simon’s 1986 “Graceland”.

Hugh Masekela will play with his young, new band at LIFELINES.