Small Paths - Complex Stories

Mohamed Osfour: a Moroccan film-maker before and after independence - Tarzan and beyond

Sun, Sep 21, 2008
6 pm
Free admission

Films and talks will be translated into German

"L'enfant de la jungle" (film still)

Guest: Aïcha Osfour

Ibn al Ghaba / L’enfant de la jungle

R: Mohamed Osfour, Morocco 1941-1943, ca. 15 min, 35 mm, silent

Mohamed Osfour started making this film when he was fourteen years old and continued working on it in stages using 9.5mm film. His version of the Tarzan story contains all the colonial attributes: sun helmets, stakes, loincloths, etc. The film was premiered in the courtyard of a local pub in Casablanca in summer 1941. A bicycle dynamo supplied the electricity.

Afterwards, Aïcha Osfour will be presenting cuts from other films by Mohamed Osfour such as Aïssa de l'Atlas (1951) and Joha (1952).