2008, Sun, Sep 21

Small Paths - Complex Stories

Panoramas and micro-perspectives - Epic and rhythmicised time

Film still from

Film still from "Le Rocher"

Panorama pris a bord d’un avion

Archives de la planète, France 1922, 1 min, silent

A sight-seeing flight over Casablanca.

6 et 12

R: Abdelmajid Rechiche / Mohammed Tazi / Ahmed Bouanani, Morocco 1968, 20 min, 35 mm, French OV

The ragged periphery to the regulated order of the modern metropolis of Casablanca. It is certainly not the poverty of the Bidonvilles, which it would have been inopportune to show in any case – just tiny cracks in an oppressive, routinised normality.

Carnet d’un arpenteur, Les Minguettes, Juillet-Août 2006

R: Michel Ganozzi / Christophe Pornon / Jérome Leguay / Natacha Flandin / Raphaël Kuntz, France 2006, 44 min, French OV

A surveyor describes micro-perspectives taken from everyday life in the Les Minguettes residential complex: "Our celebrations are like riots and our uprisings are like celebrations. It’s been like that for centuries."

Les Actualités Marocaines 19.6.1958

Morocco 1958, 1 min, French OV

Newsreel on the fire at the Bidonville Derb Djedid in Casablanca and on the official opening of new dwellings.

Le Rocher

R: Larbi Benchekroun, Morocco 1958, 11 min, 35 mm, French OV

Postcolonial building ‘for the masses’ by the masses. On the site of the burned-down Bidonville, a new settlement is erected thanks to the united strength of the masses. An Aufbau-Film.