2008, Sat, Sep 20

Small Paths - Complex Stories

Testimony and document - Intervene and record - Whose memory? - What the visible renders invisible

René Vautier | Foto: Cinémathèque de bretagne

René Vautier | Foto: Cinémathèque de bretagne

Guests: Youssef El Ftouh

Le remords

R: René Vautier, France 1973, 11 min, French OV

A fictitious essay on activist cinema. Developed from the reflections of a director (René Vautier himself), who becomes a witness of everyday racism: ‘I’ll make a film about the fact that I couldn’t do anything at this particular moment.’

Mémoire 14

R: Ahmed Bouanani, Morocco 1971, 30 min, 35 mm, French OV

Film documents (1912 to 1953) from the Centre Cinématographique Marocain (CCM) founded by the French in 1944. They were re-edited after the demise of the colonial regime: ‘Didn’t you see what I saw?’

Prises de Vue

Archives de la planète, France 1912, ca. 8 min, silent

Views of Morocco in 1912: colonial troops and sutlers.The Parisian banker Albert Kahn founded the Archives de la planète (1908 to 1931), ‘to document the surface of a globe inhabited and formed by human beings’. It contains 4,000 stereoscopic plates, 7,200 autochromes and 183,000 metres of footage.

Les événements au Maroc

P: Pathé France 1907, ca. 10 min, 35 mm, silent

Film taken on 18 August 1907 as French troops marched into Casablanca: the start of the French occupation.

Afrique 50

R: René Vautier, France 1950, 20 min, French OV

In 1949, René Vautier was commissioned by the Ligue de l'Enseignement to make a film showing ‘how the villagers in French West Africa lived’. After some long detours, the project metamorphosed into an analysis of repressive conditions and exploitation and an evocation of anti-colonial resistance. Owing to censorship, this film did not exist officially until the 1990s.