Small Paths - Complex Stories

Learning to live an urban lifestyle - Centre, periphery and appropriation - Uncertainties and power

Sat, Sep 20, 2008
4 pm
Free admission

Films and talks will be translated into German

Lézotres, Accroches toi !! (film still), © Accroches toi!

La fugue de Mahmoud

R: Roger Leenhardt, Morocco 1951, 32 min, 35 mm, French OV

A colonial educational film: Mahmoud, a Moroccan boy from the south, becomes a car mechanic. His French teacher, a woman, recalls: ‘I gained his trust.’

Maskan Al Rijal / Le logis des Hommes

R: Larbi Bennani, Morocco 1964, 20 min, 35 mm, French OV

The flight from the land, and social housing projects: ‘The producers’ sensitivity reveals the underlying human problems.’ (Georges Sadoul: The Cinema in the Arab Countries, Beirut 1966)

Lézotres, Accroches toi !!

Morocco 2007, 10 min, DVD, Arab/Fr. with French subtitles

The Traceurs and the acrobatic way they move through the ruins of the French housing estates in Casablanca. Parkour is all about overcoming obstacles: moving up and down staircases, and leaping over walls and terraces – and if for no other reason, they do it to escape from the police.

Rêves de ville

R: Dominique Cabrera, France 1993, 26 min, French OV

Four residential towers in the Val Fourré estate near Paris are to be demolished with explosives to make way for a Cité d’Excellence. The perspectives of the residents and official representatives are contrasted with one another.