2008, Sun, Oct 05

Bouble-Projections: 1 Berlin-Harlem / Fake Soldiers

Fake Soldiers (Film still)

Fake Soldiers (Film still)

1 Berlin-Harlem

D, S, C: Lothar Lambert, Germany 1975, 100 min

with Brigitte Mira, Conrad Jennings, Ingrid Caven, Rainer Werner Fassbinder

The fate of an African American who tries to find a new life in Berlin. But as a victim of racist prejudices and sheer exploitation he destroys his own life. The film can be seen as study of the possibilities or impossibilities of a German post colonial modernity.

Fake Soldiers

D, S: Idrissou Mora Kpai, Germany 1999, short film, colour, 24 min

Tells a story about being black in Germany: as rap becomes an international success, Afro-Americans become popular with the girls. This makes Tamu and Obi, two teenagers of African origin, decide to pose as American soldiers. Unfortunately, Tamu is not “cool” enough, and Obi teaches him a lesson in coolness.

A programme by Remember Resistance

This programme will be curated by the group Remember Resistance, an initiative founded on the occasion of the Anti-colonial Africa Conference Berlin 2004. Their work engages them in a debate on German colonial history, the process of decolonisation, and its long-term effects on the lived realities of migrants. They are very interested in the works of African film-makers.