2008, Sun, Sep 14

The Congress Hall in the Light of Modernity: On the Architecture and the Exhibition Design

A Guided Tour on the Day of the Open Monument

with Jesko Fezer, Andreas Müller and Anna Voswinckel (An Architektur)

Jesko Fezer is an architect living and working in Berlin. He is part of the political architecture magazine "An Architektur", the bookshop "Pro qm" and the architecture cooperative "ifau und Jesko Fezer".

Andreas Müller is an architect and exhibition designer living and working in Berlin. He is co-founder and publisher of “An Architektur – Production and Use of the Built Environment”, a political architecture magazine, which focuses on the critical analysis of spatial relations and the visualization of their inherent socio-political conceptions. His recent projects include the exhibition design for “No Matter How Bright the Light” in Kunst-Werke, Berlin, 2006, ExtraCity Antwerp and “!Revolution?” in Mucsarnok, Budapest. In 2008 he will conduct a research project on the use of space at the Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht.

Anna Voswinckel is freelance art director and photographer. She lives and works in Berlin. She completed her postgraduate studies in Cultural/Gender Studies at theUniversity of the Arts, Zurich in 2007.