2008, Sun, Aug 31

Passage to Modernity: An Artistic Intervention by Hassan Darsi

Marion von Osten, curator, talking to the artist

During the colonial period, North Africa served for a long time as a laboratory for architects who were planning the city of tomorrow. The ideas that arose there continued to be developed in housing and town-planning projects in Europe after the Second World War. In the thematic guided tours, curators, architects, artists and various other experts will present insights – each from a different perspective – into the contradictory transnational relationships of post-war Modernity.

Hassan Darsi was born in 1961 in Casablanca. He lives and works in Casablanca. He is the founder of the Association La Source du Lion that organizes since 1998 different events on contemporary art. His work establishes a dialogue between a rigorous, conceptual approach to making art and an involvement in social actions involving art. He has been active in Casablanca in initiating and managing artist-run projects with a strong social engagement and has exhibited in a large variety of places in Morocco and abroad.

Marion von Osten, in her work as an artist, cultural scientist and exhibition-maker, Marion von Osten adopts a trans-disciplinary approach. Her exhibitions and events, as well as her artistic and theoretical works, deal with post-colonial and neo-liberal conditions, the government of mobility and subjectivity, and the social significance of cultural production. From 1996-98, Marion von Osten was curator of the Shedhalle Zurich, where she organised projects such as Sex&Space, SUPERmarkt and MoneyNations. From 2003-2005, she was the artistic director of Projekt Migration (together with Kathrin Rhomberg) and TRANSIT MIGRATION (with Regina Römhild). Since 2006, she has held a professorship at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Her publications include Projekt Migration (2005) and Norm der Abweichung (2003).