Artists' Lab

Sun, Jun 15, 2008
6 pm
Fri, Jun 20, 2008
5 pm
The Open Lab dates are: Sun 15 June, 18 h, and Fri 20 June, 17 h

The Lab offers artists a dynamic platform for exchanging ideas, theories and techniques. Brian Massumi, philosopher and cultural critic, and Erin Manning, theorist and dancer, will be running the Lab and testing the application of their radical empiricism to performance practice. During the second half of the Festival, the artists will develop their own projects in open formats. The ‘Lab will be opening its windows’ twice in order to share its experiments, ideas and gestures with the audience. Anything can happen …

Artists and Scientists at LAB 2008: Brian MassuWed. (Canada), Erin Manning (Canada), Eleanora Fabião (Brazil), Hooman Sharifi (Iran/Norway), Shawn Greenlee (USA), Tania Bruguera (Cuba/USA), Nora Heilmann (Germany/the Netherlands), Thomas Lehmen (Germany), Ismail Fayed (Egypt), Lilibeth Cuenca (the Philippines/Denmark)