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#Commonings: Day 4

Sat, Sep 17, 2022
11.30 am
Free admission, some workshops with registration

In English

Workshop “Code, Layers, Infrastructures” by Loren Britton, Isabel Paehr, Jörn Röder and Kamran Behrouz, New Alphabet School #Coding in New Delhi January 2019, Photo: Annette Jacob

What could a school look like that seeks to make both learning and unlearning a common interrelated practice? How can a space be built around care, refuge, implication and vulnerability, negotiating positions and responsibilities? How can (un)learners in this space challenge privileges and habits of hierarchy, as well as authorship, productivity and competition?

And how could such a school take place inside an institution and carve space for informal, convivial, horizontal modes of participation within it, allowing for gaps, mistakes and things left open. In the twelve editions of the New Alphabet School, the roles of curators and audience blurred. Thinking of knowledge as commons, they were constantly reverted in order to co-create shared space for networked knowledge.

As Fred Moten and Stefano Harney suggest in The Undercommons: Fugitive Planning & Black Study “one can only sneak into the university and steal what one can”. The New Alphabet School sought to reflect on such concerns via fugitive encounters and instances of study as a coming and doing together. In this final edition on Commonings, the invitation is to carry on questions and incomplete dialogues, sharing practices from previous editions, the multiple locations and the different perspectives that emerged in the last three and a half years.

By convening again, the participants will explore together what these practices might institute and how they might form an ephemeral school of commoning.

Facilitated by Olga Schubert, Gigi Argyropoulou, Alessandra Pomarico, Mahmoud Al-Shaer and Rahul Gudipudi

With collective practices and workshops by all active New Alphabet School members

With conversations between Silvia Federici and Peter Linebaugh, Avery F. Gordon and Natasha Sadr Haghighian, Mahmoud Al-Shaer and Majd Kayyal, Irit Rogoff, Gigi Argyropoulou and Rahul Gudipudi, P Sainath and Habib Ayeb, with performances by Mour Fall, Marinho de Pina, Ivonne González, Tomás Espinosa, Jorge Gómez & Ana Bravo Pérez and others and installations by Pallavi Paul & Hajra Haider, Shareef Sarhan & Rana Batrawi, Cléophée Moser, Mukhtara Yusuf, Júlia Souza Ayerbe, Chto Delat, Meltionary, Field Narratives and others

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Saturday, Sep 17

11.30 pm
Welcome Words of the Day
with Mahmoud Al Shaer and Gigi Argyropoulou

12 noon–2 pm
Workshop in Ostgarten, with registration
Social Pedagogies
with EIGHT Collective: Kostas Tzimoulis and Vassilis Noulas

What forms, spaces and structures allow and encourage moments of collective study? Combining different spatial and discursive practices and methodologies, EIGHT collective invites participants to a workshop and discussion on how to common space.

During the opening day of Commonings and through a collective process, participants and the audience are invited to take part in the making of an artwork over the course of three days by setting out elements, materials and objects to question how they might be performed in the space and create fragments of notions. This incomplete artwork will be activated by discursive or performative readings and exchanges. Reflecting on what was created and how it / the participants interact with the space, the workshop will conclude by considering what spaces of commoning might look like and the effect of ephemeral spatial structures on ways of doing and being together.

12 noon–2 pm
Workshop in the Main lobby, with registration
The Gaza Valley Path
The Memory, Paths and Shifts/Transformations: Take Us to the Future

With Sherif Sarhan and Rana El-Batrawi
In Arabic and English
More information soon

12 noon–2 pm
Reading Session in Conference room 1, with registration
Where are the Animals in Our Commoning(s)?
with Paz Guevara, Chiara Figone and ezgi hamzacebi
In English

How can storytelling function as a commoning practice between humans and non-humans? In this workshop, participants will read and digest together Bilge Karasu’s two stories The Prey and In Praise of the Fearless Porcupine. The relation between “us” and “other” is rooted both in a physical reality like fragility, vulnerability and mortality, and people’s subjection to ever-existing language methods, materials and the appearance within this. This passivity and subjection are shared by human beings and non-human beings from the moment they begin communicating with the semiotic system, which blurs and destabilizes human’s relationship with oneself and the boundary between the human and the animal.

As part of this workshop, the installation Archive Inventory will activate a special section of Turkish feminist periodicals from the mid-1970s until today such as, Kadinlarin Sesi / Women’s voice (1975–1980), Sosyalist Feminist Kaktüs/Socialist Feminist Cactus (1988–90) and Feminist Politika/ Feminist Politics (2009–today).

12 noon–3 pm
Session in the Assembly, with registration
All We Have is Bits and Pieces: In the Absence of 'Common' Sense
with Esther Poppe, Daphne Brunet and Vinit Agarwal

This proposition is a proportional pondering. It will be a performative engagement. This proposition is a performative engagement into the archival turn. A re-constitution of colonial archives with a sensorium of smell, touch (fingers in album) and sound. This workshop de-configures the existing modalities of visual, categorical and narrative engagement with archival materials and open up the space for what is held within it. A sonic-choreographic encounter is proposed and set to an amplifier prior to the tone. In this sounding of testimonies, a score is produced during convivial moments. Here a sounding testimony is rewritten as an active score for communing. A loud land explosive, bomb, flaw, fraud, faint. The scene is a b-space. This b-body workshop puts the voice at its center and proposes to share practices that bull b-address bull doze the b-big voice as a b-blame political instrument.

2–4 pm
Workshop in Conference room, with registration
Open Language: Probing Hope and the Future
With Mohamed Al-Zaqzouq and Mahmoud Al-Shaer
In Arabic and English

Has modernity, globalization and its pace contributed to making language denser and more complex? How can language be understood anew as being at once the means and the end? How can language be a window to the future? This discussion on Open Language seeks to inquire about written forms of language. “Open language,” for Mohammed and Mahmoud, is the language of the individual and not the language of the group, as it is produced after the accumulation of feelings within the individual. And unlike the past, writers today need only to wait minutes to see the reverberation of their written material and behold readers’ reactions to it. The world is open, fast-paced and globalized; it is undergoing a great collective revelation, and thereby exploring the power of "open language” can aid in untangling questions of future and hope.

12 noon–4.30 pm
Interdisciplinary performing workshop in the Lecture hall, with registration
of Migro, Ergo Sum (Part two)
With Marinho Pina, Sérgio Carlitos Pereira, David Shongo and Susana Ferreira
In English

More information here

3–4 pm
Final Ritual in the Assembly, Hirschfeld Bar
Altars to the Invisibles
with Laura Fiorio
In English

Over the course of the first three days of Commonings, small rituals for sharing narratives of invisibility have been performed at this altar space in the Assembly. For the final ritual, participants are invited to a collective moment where there will be a closing ceremony and an opportunity for an encounter and contamination. This ceremony invites all those who contributed in the previous days or those who would like to continue to nourish a reciprocal listening.

4–5.30 pm
Conversation in the Assembly, Hirschfeld Bar
with 28 magazine (Mahmoud Al-Shaer) and Majd Kayyal
with simultaneous translation into English
More information soon

5.30–7 pm
Guided Meditation in the Assembly
Light Archive
With Maya Varichon El-Zanaty

As people interested in changing the paradigm of time and as those who are aware of systemic violence, the endless accumulation of evidence is a primary source of anger, pain and trauma that is very alive in the body. This occurs individually and collectively, in an emotional and physical way, but also at a more subtle, etheric level.

In the form of a guided collective meditation, this protocol will use the art and sciences of energies to create a healing technology based on an archival process. Designed on the principles of self-healing and alchemical processes of transformation, participants will create an immaterial library conceived of as a medicine to cure the spectral wounds of traumatic memories trapped in people’s bodies. Tapping into ancestral knowledges from ancient Egypt, India, China and West Africa, a collective channeling process will take place to transmute the old energies carried by the spirit of modernity into a powerful creative fire.

7–8 pm
Performance at the Outside Pond at Sunset
Dëpp - Guissguiss yu wuté (Inversion - Reverse glances)
with Mour Fall

“Those rituals are inscribed into the relation that the human cultivates with Nature and forces that apply on it, it is a gate between the visible and the invisible, a breach that is opening in Time.”

Drawing inspiration from “Ndëpp” healing practice, an individual and collective ritual specific to the Lebou culture and the Wolof people, Mour Fall will offer a performance building on the non-verbal modes of communication and the means of historical-cultural transmission specific to Senegalese and African culture. The intention is to invite reverse the gaze, to imagine the situation backwards, and to act it out to feel it in one’s body.

By invoking rhythms, onomatopoeia and sonorities, he will stage an act of collective healing, drawing on the mystique of ritual to repair social, intimate and inter-cultural relations.

8.15–9 pm
Film Screening in the Lecture hall

More information soon

From 9 pm
Jam Session
Migro, Ergo Sum Performance
with Marinho Pina, Sérgio Carlitos Pereira, Susana Ferreira, David Shongo and the participants of the Migro, Ergo Sum Workshop

A jam session is a communicating activity: one needs to listen to others so that each person can express themselves in their own way and later, in harmony. As the Migro Ergo Sum workshop is about how to talk and listen each other, there's no better way to put it into practice than in a jam session. This session is not only about music, but other forms of storytelling and is open to others who didn't participate in the workshops.

More information here

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