Live Audio Play

Manuel or A Hint of Evil

By Armin Lorenz Gerold, with Heike Geißler

Thu, Jul 7, 2022
7 pm
Free admission

In English

© Armin Lorenz Gerold

The story of Manuel unfolds around the thoughts blending into an inner monologue of an unnamed observer, as he regularly visits the Olympic swimming pool in West Berlin in the summer of 2020. It is the story of a failed flirt, of urban bodies travelling across the city for a brief summer escape that is told in this live audio play. It is the story of their sounds mixing in the hallway, showering, murmuring on the meadows, of their arms and legs slashing the water, forming rhythmic patterns that echo through Nazi architecture. The writer Heike Geißler will join the artist and composer Armin Lorenz Gerold as a live-reader and will lend her voice to excerpts of dreams from Charlotte Beradt’s The Third Reich of Dreams that capture the mind of the play’s protagonist while gliding through the crowded pool.

Alphabet Readings

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With Sophia Eisenhut, Joshua Groß, Hanne Lippard, Enis Maci, Nalan, Tanasgol Sabbagh, Fabian Saul, Senthuran Varatharajah, Uljana Wolf and others

Live Performance

Jul 7, 2022