Final solution

D: Rakesh Sharma

Fri, Apr 25, 2008
10 pm
Admission: 5 Euros, concessions 3 Euros

Doubts within the system

Final Solution (film still), © M. Stefanowski / FDK e.V.

Gujarat – the name of the state in Western India – stands for one of the most brutal acts of genocide in the country’s history. In 2002, thousands of Moslems were brutally killed and women systematically raped in ‘revenge’ for the death of fifty-nine Hindus. Final Solution shows the consequences of hatred and violence. It was only logical that the film was turned down by the state-sponsored Mumbai International Film Festival.

Rakesh Sharma lives in Mumbai. Final Solution has been shown at eighty international film festivals and has won seventeen prizes so far.

Final Solution

Documentary film, India 2003, 208 min, German subtitles