Re-Imagining Asia - Conference

Critical Résumé with Ming Tiampo

Sun, Mar 16, 2008
3 pm
Admission: 5 Euros, concessions 3 Euros, 3-day conference-ticket 10/8 €, admission to exhibition included |
Theorists and artists examine the conditions of contemporary art production under Asian co-ordinates.
Manabu Ikeda, History of rise and fall, Courtesy of the Artist and Mizuma Art Gallery, Tokyo

Ming Tiampo teaches art history at Carleton University in Ottawa/Canada. She specialises in cultural communication in international relations, focusing on Japan’s cultural exchange with the West. In her current book project, she examines the degree to which the transnational activities of the avant-garde art group Gutai has contributed towards the theorisation of modernity outside the Euro-American context. Ming Tiampo has published works and taught in Canada, France, Germany, the USA and elsewhere. She is an associate member of the ICI Institute for Cultural Inquiry in Berlin. Her contribution to the exhibition catalogue Re-Imagining Asia is entitled: ‘Cultural translation as interpoetic relations’.