Kumasi, Sunny War

Sat, Jul 16, 2022
7 pm
More tickets in case of good weather
Free admission, with entry ticket

Open-air on the roof terrace, if poor weather is forecasted, the event will be in the auditorium.

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7 pm Sunny War
8.30 pm Kumasi
10 pm The Blues: Feel Like Going Home (film)

More tickets in case of good weather

If the weather forecast is good, there will be more tickets online and at the box office on the day of the event. The decision will be announced on Facebook and Twitter between 10 and 11am.


What is the sound of New Orleans? There are several answers to this question at Wassermusik, the most surprising being: Afrobeat! The 14-member band Kumasi formed to lift the sound of 1970s Lagos into the U.S. present. The title of their 2016 debut album sets the tone: Togetherness is not only on the program at the group’s sprawling concerts, but also in musical terms. Kumasi expands Afrobeat to include jazz and Afro-diasporic musical forms.

© Randi Steinberger

Born in the country music city of Nashville, Sunny War first became interested in the blues and later found herself in the Los Angeles punk scene. These different influences came together on the streets, where she first introduced her songs inspired by country blues and roots guitar music as well as Nina Simone. This revolutionary of roots music's fingerpicking style is as complex as it is energetic, her lyrics about police violence and alcoholism as unsparing as her vocal performance is intimate and sensitive.

Part of Kultursommerfestival (Jun-Sep 2022)

Wassermusik: Mississippi

The Blues: Feel Like Going Home

D: Martin Scorsese, USA, 2003, 83 min, English OV with German subtitles

Jul 16, 2022