film & video: CP05 Inside Out

Fri, February 1, 2008
Admission: 7 Euros, concessions 5 Euros

The film and video section consists of a series of screenings relating thematically to the motto of the festival. Works range from feature film programmes [FP] to a number of compilation programmes [CP] and special programmes [SP].

Haysha Royko

Miranda July [us]

In ‘Haysha Royko’, three people sit nonchalantly in airportchairs, while their different-colored auras, or something much like auras, shape shift, overlap, and compete.

Je suis une bombe

Elodie Pong [ch]

A figure in a panda bear costume performs an erotic pole dance. On removing the panda’s head, a woman appears and steps up to the camera to deliver her own views on the complex image of women.

Super Smile

Effie Wu [de/tw]

Is Effie Wu a good fairy or an evil witch? Neither. She is the charming hostess who welcomes you into her home and before you can even bat an eye, she has got you hypnotized and trapped with her ‘Super Smile’.


Lilli Kuschel, Anna Fiedler [ie/de]

Strange things are happening in the streets of a Dublin district. Couches, TV-sets, stuffed animals, doors; nearly everything a living room includes is dragged and stashed away. The children of Tallaght have a plan.

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