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Film programme 5: Lebanon II

New documentary films from the Middle East

"Juli Trip" (film poster)

Programme start: 4:05 p.m., 5:05 p.m., 6:05 p.m., 7:05 p.m., 8:05 p.m.

Short films by Ashkal Alwan

July 2006: Pictures from the summer of war, 2006. These short films from the Lebanese Art Association Ashkal Alwan were taken not by media reporters, but by visual artists.

Juli Trip

D: Wael Noureddine, Libanon, 2007, 35 min.

Two days after war breaks out in the Lebanon, Wael Noureddine flies from Paris to Beirut. Not trusting the television or the film-makers, he takes his camera along so that he can capture the events on film.


D: Ali Cherri, Libanon, 2007, 12 min.

Ali Cherri presents abstractly interwoven images of a devastated Beirut after the fighting has stopped.

La marché Turque

R: Ziad Antar, Lebanon 2007, 2 min 20

The young director associates his view of a world in conflict with a sonata for piano by Mozart.

Film Directors

Ziad Antar, born in Lebanon in 1978. He graduated in agricultural engineering in 2001, and has been working in photography and video since 2002. His videos include ‘Safe Sound’ (2006), ‘La marché Turque’ (2007) and ‘Mdardara’ (2007). He lives in Lebanon and France.

Ali Cherri, born in Beirut in 1976, where he graduated in Graphic Design from the American University in Beirut. Ali also holds a Master’s Degree in Performing Arts at DasArts (Amsterdam). His video ‘Un Cercle Autour du Soleil’ (2005) was awarded the FAAP digital arts award at VideoBrazil, São Paulo.

Wael Noureddine, born 1978 in Lebanon, is a novelist, author and filmmaker.