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Film programme 4: Lebanon I

New documentary films from the Middle East

"In this house" (film still)

16.10 h | 18.35 h

In This House

D: Akram Zaatari, Lebanon 2005, 30 mins

In his work, video artist Akram Zaatari searches for a letter written to a family by a former Lebanese resistance fighter. He and his group had dislocated the family and used their house on the Israelian-Palestinian frontline city Ain el Mir for seven years as a fighting base.

16.45 h | 19.10 h

Three Posters

D: Rabih Mroue, Lebanon 2002, 17 mins

Theatre-maker Rabih Mroué reflects upon his eponymous performance and, as a consequence, upon the ethical and political questions posed bythe appearance of suicide bombers, as well as the historiography of the Lebanese Civil War.

17.10 h | 19.30 h

Ca sera beau. From Beyrouth with love

D: Wael Noureddine, Lebanon 2006, 30 mins

‘Beirut or perhaps any town which is at war with itself …One has a choice between army and religion or religion and army. A dose of heroine costs five Dollars. I’m visiting a couple of friends and I’m sending my postcards.’

17.45 h | 20.05 h

I had a dream mom

D: Lina Saneh, Lebanon 2006, 45 mins

In her first film, theatre-maker Lina Saneh explores the irrational. ‘I am telling my mother a

dream. She understands it. She returns the ball. It slips through my fingers.’

Film Directors

Rabih Mroue, born in Beirut in 1967, is a performance artist and filmmaker. His most recent plays include ‘How Nancy Wished that Everything was an April Fool’s Joke’ (2007), ‘Make me stop smoking’ (2006), ‘Who’s Afraid of Representation’ (2004), ‘Looking for a Missing Employee’ (2003).

Born in Lebanon in 1978, Wael Noureddine is a poet, writer and filmmaker.

Lina Saneh, born 1966 in Beirut, is a theatre-maker. She worked as an actress und wrote and staged many plays including ‘Les Chaises’ (1996), ‘Ovrira’ (1997), ‘Extrait d’Etat Civil’ (2000) and ‘Biokhraphia’ (2002).

Akram Zaatari is a video artist and curator who lives and works in Beirut. He is co-founder of the Arab Image Foundation in Beirut through which he developed his recent work on the photographic history of the Middle East.