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Film programme 2: Palestine / Israel

New documentary films from the Middle East

"Improvisation" (film still)


Since you left

D: Mohammed Bakri, Palestine/ Israel, 2005, 60 mins

In his autobiographical essay, the Palestinian-Israeli actor Mohammed Bakri goes to the grave of his mentor, the Communist writer Emile Habibi, and recalls recent history.



D: Raed Andoni, Palestine, 2006, 60 mins

The way three famous oud musicians – the Joubran brothers from Palestine - continue to perform despite the checkpoints and border-crossings, tells much about a daily life fraught with difficulties in which the only remedy is improvisation.



D: Asher de Bentolila Tlalim, Israel, 2003, 97 mins

Far from home, in voluntary exile in London, Israeli film-maker Asher de Bentolila Tlalim reflects on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Film Directors

Mohammed Bakri was born in Galilee in 1953. He has acted in over a dozen of internationally produced films, including ‘Hanna K’ by Costa-Gavras and is well-known as a stage actor and director.

Asher de Bentolila Tlalim, born 1950 in Tanger, lives and works in Israel. Films since 1974: ‘Don’t Touch My Holocaust’ (Forum 1994), ‘Violence in Art’ (1995), ‘Between the Carob and the Olive Tree’ (1998).

Raed Andoni has been working as a film-maker and producer in Palestine since 1997.